• ExakTime Job Clocks

    Rugged time clocks that
    eliminate paper time cards.

    Powerful management tools to increase productivity at your job sites.

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  • JobClock Hornet

    Wireless time clock.

    The wireless JobClock Hornet automatically delivers job-site updates every hour.

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  • PocketClock

    Mobile time clock.

    The ExakTime Mobile app tracks crews and their GPS locations on your Smartphone.

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  • JobClock/EX

    Rugged time clock.

    The rugged JobClock/EX is designed to track crews anytime, anywhere.

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All-Weather Time Clocks

Is Your Business Compliant?

Wireless, mobile and rugged time clocks built for any environment.

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Automated Time Tracking

Scalable Business Solutions

Advanced labor tracking and detailed reporting for your workforce.

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Leave paper time cards behind and start saving thousands on your next payroll.

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Time & Labor Management Solutions

Our versatile time clocks and powerful time tracking software solve employee tracking issues in many
labor-intense industries, including: Construction, Landscaping, Snow, Oil and Gas, Mining and more.

Success Stories

Over 20,000 business have fallen in-love with ExakTime. Roll over the images below to see why.