ClockPoint Kiosk

Portable Time Tracking.

The simplicity of our system on your PC.

ClockPoint Kiosk turns any PC into an office time clock. Your workers clock in and out with Keytabs on a PC – just as easily as they do on a JobClock.

Track attendance anywhere.

ClockPoint Kiosk was designed for your office but you can track attendance anywhere you have a PC or laptop. 

Bring your laptop outdoors and track attendance at shops, yards, jobsite trailers and more. Time records are stored locally on your PC and sent back to your office when your Internet connection is provided.

Time matters in the office, too.

ClockPoint Kiosk brings accurate time tracking to your office, rounding out your system. You can use JobClock or PocketClock to track outdoor crews and ClockPoint Kiosk to track office workers. You can even clock in on a JobClock or PocketClock and clock out on ClockPoint Kiosk. 

All of your time records appear in one location – TimeSummit - for detailed reporting, overtime calculation and easy exporting to your accounting software.

Features List
  • Runs on any Internet-connected computer
  • Clock in and out using small, rugged Keytabs or handheld FastTrakkers 
  • Time records sync over the Internet 
  • Time punches will be stored locally if you don't have an Internet connection, then uploaded automatically when you do! 
  • Track an unlimited number of employees 
  • Track an unlimited number of activities, tasks and cost codes 
  • Each desktop can be assigned as a distinct, custom-named job location 
  • Integrates with JobClocks and PocketClocks for rock-solid, accurate timekeeping 
  • Runs in the background on your desktop, letting others clock in on your PC while you keep working
 Portable Time Tracking

Track time in your office.

Touch a Keytab to the
Keytab Reader to clock in
and track time at your computer.

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