TimeSummit Reports

Time Records and Helpful Reports You Can Read and Trust

Our time and attendance software creates over 40 powerful reports about your employees and job sites over time, so you can make more informed business decisions. All reports can be exported into Excel or PDF formats.

Employee Time Card

Now you can see daily hours and totals for each employee in a specified date range in a traditional time card format—and print it for employee verification.

Reports - Employee Time Card

Employee Touch Detail

This popular report lets you review all Start (In) and Stop (Out) times as well as daily totals for an employee in a specified date range.

Reports - Employee Touch Detail

Executive Summary – Employees

Get a convenient tally of employee hours expended in the field in a given week or other date range, with sums of the total hours worked per day and per employee.

Reports - Executive Summary - Employees

Location Touch Detail

See where employees’ time is going at a given job site with a list of each and every time punch, by employee, at one location in a specified date range.

Location Touch Detail Report

Executive Summary – Location

Look at how your labor costs are breaking down by job site with a summary of the total hours worked each day at a every job location for a given week or specified date range.

Reports - Location - Executive Summary Report

Location by Employee

For just a quick glance at who has been working at which job, this report displays the total hours worked by each employee in a given week at every job location.

Reports - Location by Employee

ExakTime Mobile Reports

Verify the location of an employee’s time punches with information collected by our powerful mobile app. Add equipment and materials in TimeSummit so crews can track their usage, and review reports at your convenience for better remote workforce management.

GPS Reports

Maintain close oversight of where remote employees are clocking in and out with GPS. All reports can be exported into Excel or PDF formats.

GPS Touch Detail & Map

This report shows every time stamp for an employee on a given day in chart and map form—and details the exact distance of off-site time punches from a set GPS geofence.

Reports - GPS

Equipment Tracking Reports

Get the information you need to make smart financial decisions. By breaking down Equipment Tracking into four detailed reports—by employee, cost, location and status—TimeSummit reveals any overspending or underspending and helps you get more accurate job costing for every worksite.

Equipment Status List

Know the real value of equipment to your operation when you track it by last use, employee, and location.

Reports - Equipment Status List

Equipment by Location

Find out what equipment has been useful at which job site when you track it by location.

Reports - Equipment by Location

Equipment Guesstimator

This report displays an estimate of the total cost of equipment based on its usage time and hourly rate.

Reports - Equipment Guesstimator

Equipment by Employee

This report displays equipment tracked by the employee using that equipment.

Reports - Equipment by Employee

Material Usage Reports

Stay on top of the supplies and materials usage from the office with two helpful reports so that materials spending never gets away from you again.

Materials by Location

Find out the quantities and types of materials and supplies used at each job site for a given week or specified date range.

Reports - Material by Location

Materials by Type

Easily monitor the quantities of materials and supplies used across all job sites by item.

Reports - Material by Type

Field-Based Solutions

ExakTime Mobile

Manage labor and job site activities in real time.

JobClock Hornet

Wireless time and labor tracking for your toughest work sites.


Reliable time tracking from the toughest clock on the planet.


Powerful software that puts all time records, cost codes and site stats right at your fingertips.

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