Track & Collect

FastTrakker Pro

FastTrakker Pro performs three key functions for your JobClock.

This handheld device can clock workers in and out and can track hundreds of job activities. And FastTrakker Pro also wirelessly collects time and attendance records directly from your clock via Infrared technology.

FastTrakkers support English and Spanish.

Portable Time Tracking

Collect records.

Wirelessly collect time records
and other job-site data from JobClocks.

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Not interested in wireless record collection but still want to track dozens of cost codes? FastTrakker is the answer for you.

Employees can use this rugged, handheld device to clock in and out and track up to 1,000 different cost codes.

You'll be able to run a more productive workforce, make more accurate bids for jobs and save thousands in workers' comp insurance.

Portable Time Tracking

Track cost codes.

Use the thumb wheel to
track up to 1,000 different cost

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