JobClock Hornet

Wireless Time Clock

Never pick up time cards again.

JobClock Hornet is the wireless time clock that delivers job-site updates every hour.

  • Stop overtime before it happens
  • Know who's on the job site from your office
  • Save on fuel costs and drive time
  • Guarantee records are safe and accurate
  • Gain more time for other office responsibilities
  • Protect your business from compliance risks
JobClock Hornet
  • Wireless.

    Wirelessly delivers time
    records to your office every hour.

  • Easy to Use.

    Clocking in and out
    with Keytabs takes seconds.

  • Weatherproof.

    Rugged exterior housing with
    long-lasting rechargeable battery.

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Time Attendance System
Payroll Management

Wireless and reliable.

Make driving to your work site for time cards a thing of the past. JobClock Hornet wirelessly sends digital time records, every hour, directly to your office - automatically. No more waiting on drivers to deliver time cards. No more work crunch before payroll is due. And no more end-of-day surprises at the job site.

Bulletproof simplicity.

We know from experience that if a time clock isn’t easy to use, your workers won’t use it. That’s why clocking in and out on JobClock Hornet takes just seconds. Just touch a green Keytab to the center of the clock punch in and a red Keytab to punch out. That’s it! You can also track up to 1,000 job activities and other work-site data using our FastTrakker device.

Home at any work site.

JobClock Hornet is encased in a rock-solid, ABS plastic composite case, designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. It can track labor anywhere - from -10˚ F on a mountain peak to 170˚ F out in the desert. No other wireless time clock is so technologically advanced, yet so durable outdoors.

Unparalleled battery life.

No electricity? Not a problem. JobClock Hornet’s lithium ion battery has the longest-lasting battery life for any outdoor, wireless time clock. And with our handy car adapter, you’ll never have to bring the unit back to your office to recharge. Simply set it, and forget it. No maintenance required.

  • Records are safely stored in Hornet if battery dies
  • Uses the GSM cellular network and ExakTime's cloud service to securely transmit and store your information
  • Operates from -10˚F (-23˚ C) to 170˚F (76˚C) and housed in rugged, ABS plastic
  • Dimensions: 8” H x 6 ½” W x 3” D
  • Supports Bluetooth and Infrared data collection in addition to automatic wireless sending
  • One year warranty

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