Easy to clock in and out.

Clock in and out on JobClocks.

Workers can use small, ruggedized Keytabs to clock in and out on JobClocks. Keytabs track individual employees and their cost codes.

The green Keytab is used to clock in, and the red Keytab is used to clock out - green for go, red for stop. Clock in and out with a simple touch. If you hear the beep, you’re good to go.

Track cost codes and job activities too.

The ExakTime System gives you the ability to track cost codes using Keytabs.

Simply, assign a colored Keytab, blue for example, to a cost code: roofing. When your worker is ready to start his roofing job, he simply has to touch the blue Keytab to the JobClock, and just like that, his time is now being tracked for roofing.

Track up to 11 different cost codes with our colored Keytabs. If you need to track more than five or six cost codes, however, we recommend using FastTrakker - a rugged, handheld device that can track up to 1,000 custom cost codes.

Tracking cost codes can help you determine you crews' strengths and weaknesses and give you accurate reports that will reduce workers' comp premiums.

Quite simply, tracking cost codes with The ExakTime System will make your business more efficient and increase your bottom line.

Portable Time Clock 

A simple touch to clock in.

Touch green to clock in,
red to clock out or another
colored Keytab to track cost codes.

Track up to 11 different cost codes with colored Keytabs.

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