ExakTime Mobile

Mobile Time Clock

Track crews on your Smartphone.

Track all your labor on one device in real-time, with GPS precision, management tools and photo biometrics.

  • Stop overtime before it becomes an issue
  • Know the exact locations of your mobile crews
  • Eliminate buddy punching with biometric time tracking
  • Receive time records wirelessly in the office
  • Guarantee records are safe and accurate
  • Protect your business from compliance risks
PocketClock/GPS - Mobile Time Clock
  • GPS tracking.

    Guarantee workers are at the
    right location for every time punch.

  • Easy clock in.

    Workers simply touch green
    to clock in and red to clock out.

  • Smartphone app.

    Tracks workers, cost codes and
    job sites right on your Smartphone.

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Time Attendance System
Payroll Management

Tap the screen and you’re in.

Tracking individuals or crews is just a tap away. With the ExakTime Mobile time tracking app, workers simply login with their unique PIN and tap the green ‘Go’ to clock in. From there, they can choose from a pre-set list of job locations, cost codes and materials right on their Smartphone. No more paper. No more pencil. And no more guesswork. It’s a hassle-free way to remotely track time and get accurate time records.

Pinpoint GPS time tracking.

See the exact locations of where workers are when they clock in and out. ExakTime Mobile combines the power of 24 global positioning satellites and your Smartphone to track mobile workers like never before. Our GPS reports tell you if your crews aren’t where they should be - so you get safe and accurate time records back at your office. Guaranteed.

The power of field notes.

Record and log important job-site data with ExakTime Mobile's field notes. Take photos, record audio or enter text comments and remotely send the job-site data back to your office wirelessly via our secure cloud service. You get all the advanced data you need to keep your workforce efficient - all right from a Smartphone. No additional hardware required.

Outdoor biometrics at its finest.

Dirty hands, lack of electricity and bad weather prevent the use of traditional biometric devices in rough environments. But ExakTime Mobile's FaceFront Biometrics solves this problem with your Smartphone’s front-facing camera. Our biometric time clock snaps a photo of your workers' faces when they clock in and out. Simply match the photo of the time punch to the master photo in your office - and wave goodbye to buddy punching.


Save time and reduce errors by only displaying the employees supervisors manage, and cost codes for specific job sites.

Expense management.

Easily track employees expenses – including tools, supplies, travel costs and more at the office using TimeSummit or in the field using ExakTime Mobile .


Smartphone and PDA Compatibility

  • iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or later. BlackBerry running BlackBerry OS 4.5.0 through OS 7.1 (7100, 7200 and 8700 series not supported) and BlackBerry OS 10 (PocketClock only). Android running OS 2.1 or later. Window Mobile 5.0 or later with a touch screen (Windows Phone 7 and 8 not supported).
  • FaceFront Biometrics is available for devices with a front-facing camera running iOS 6.0 or later and Android OS 2.3 or later.
  • All devices require ExakTime Mobile software and ExakTime's cloud service.

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