Rugged Time Clock

Construction's toughest time clock.

JobClock/EX is our portable time clock that tracks workers, job sites and cost codes in any environment.

  • Stop overtime before it begins
  • Get honest, accurate worker hours
  • Guarantee records are safe and trustworthy
  • Built to survive extreme outdoor environments
  • Digitize payroll from time punch to paycheck
  • Protect your business from compliance risks
Portable Time Clock
  • Bulletproof.

    Rock-solid, milled aluminum
    exterior to survive any environment.

  • Bluetooth Technology.

    Collect time records in
    seconds with your Smartphone.

  • Max Storage.

    Holds up to 20,000 digital
    time records for large workforces.

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Time Attendance System
Payroll Management

Weatherproof time clock.

Built of rock-solid milled aluminum and battery-powered, JobClock/EX is designed to track time anywhere, in any weather environment – rain, snow, heat or dust. It tracks workers, cost codes and job sites down to the exact minute, anywhere from -10°F to 170°F, so you won’t have to rely on outdated, inaccurate paper time sheets to process payroll.

Bulletproof simplicity.

We know from experience that if a time clock isn’t easy to use, your workers won’t use it. That’s why clocking in and out on JobClock/EX takes just seconds. Just touch a green Keytab to the center of the clock punch in and a red Keytab to punch out. You can also track up to 1,000 job activities and other work-site data using our handheld FastTrakker.

Bluetooth compatibility.

Supervisors can collect time records from JobClock/EX with the mobile device they already own. They simply connect to the clock with their Android or BlackBerry Smartphone via Bluetooth, then wirelessly send the records to their office using our secure cloud service.

Battery life and security.

With its 6-month battery life and massive storage space of 20,000 time records at one time (about 2 years of data for most users), JobClock/EX is the most reliable rugged time clock in construction. And if you’re worried about losing time records, don’t be. Your records are safe with us. If your battery dies, the time records are safely stored until your battery is replaced.

  • Bluetooth and Infrared compatible
  • Reads records with FastTrakker Pro or Windows Mobile PDA via infrared. Also reads records with a BlackBerry (excludes Blackberry Z10) or Android via Bluetooth (the records can then be sent wirelessly to the office).
  • Weatherproof, built for use in rain, snow, sleet, frost, heat and dust
  • Capacity: 20,000 time records, which stores up to two years of data for most users
  • Operates from -10°F (-23°C) to 170°F (76°C).
  • Runs on a standard camera battery (3 volt lithium 123 cell). Battery life is four to six months.
  • If the battery dies, time records remains safely stored in the JobClock/EX until the battery is replaced.
  • Employees clock in and out in less than two seconds with just a touch
  • Beeps and flashes with a successful Keytab or FastTrakker touch
  • Easily renamed and transferred to a new jobsite at any time – without bringing it into the office
  • Integrated padlock ring for secure lockdown anywhere
  • Optional Lockbox for even more protection and vandalism prevention
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time
  • One year warranty

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