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FastTrakker Pro

Collect records and track hundreds of cost codes.

FastTrakker Pro is a rugged, hard-working hand-held device that performs three key functions for your JobClock Hornet or JobClock/EX:

  1. Clocks workers in and out
  2. Tracks hundreds of job activities
  3. Collects your records for transfer to the office

FastTrakker Pro collects time and attendance records directly from your clock via Infrared technology, then stores them for easy transfer to your computer and TimeSummit.

You’ll be able to run a more productive workforce, make more competitive job bids, and save thousands in Workers’ Comp insurance.

FastTrakker Pro supports English and Spanish.

JobClock Reader

Collect records using your own mobile device.

With the JobClock Reader feature of ExakTime Mobile, you can collect time records from the JobClock/EX or JobClock Hornet using the Bluetooth technology on your own Android smartphone or tablet, or with a supported Blackberry device.


  • Works only with JobClock/EX or Hornet
  • Android OS 2.3 or later with Bluetooth
  • Blackberry OS 4.5 to 7
  • TimeSummit 3.11 or later

Excluded Devices:

Due to device restrictions certain devices are unfortunately not compatible with Bluetooth collection, and are thus excluded as collection options:

  • iOS devices cannot be used for Bluetooth collection.
  • Windows Phone 7 and above are not compatible with our Exaktime Mobile app and cannot be used for collection.
  • Blackberry OS 10 and above devices cannot be used for Bluetooth collection.

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