Clocking in and out was never simpler.

Clock in and out on JobClocks.

Workers use ruggedized keytabs for clocking in and out on our JobClocks. Small and lightweight (the size of a standard house key), our keytabs are designed with unique serial numbers for tracking individual workers.

Green keytabs are used to clock in, and red ones to clock out—green for go, red for stop. Clock in and out with a simple touch. When you hear the beep, you’re good to go.

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Track Workers and Cost Codes

FastTrakker lets you track employee hours as well as up to 1,000 cost codes, eliminating the need to carry multiple keytabs.

FastTrakker Pro supports English and Spanish.

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Track cost codes and job activities too.

Keytabs can also be used for tracking cost codes—making your business more efficient and increasing your bottom line.

Track up to 11 different cost codes with our colored keytabs. (For companies that need to track an even wider range of activities, we recommend the FastTrakker Pro—a rugged, handheld device that holds up to 1,000 custom cost codes.)

Cost code tracking produces more detailed and accurate time records that can help to pinpoint crews’ strengths and weaknesses and even reduce Workers’ Comp premiums.

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