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Precise time tracking from your desktop.

ClockPoint Connect

An Easy-To-Use Online Time Clock.

ClockPoint Connect combines the convenience of the Internet with ExakTime’s easy-to-use time and attendance software. Employees simply log in to any Internet-connected computer to clock in and clock out.

Track office work as it happens.

Our online time clock operates on any PC, Mac computer or laptop.

Workers log in with their username and password, select their work location and cost code, then click green to clock in or red to clock out. It’s that simple.

Track unlimited workers, jobsites and cost codes.

Tracking your office professionals, locations and cost codes is ClockPoint Connect’s specialty.

For example, you can track how long a person or group has worked on a specific project or task. You can easily sort and categorize thousands of job activities, workers and worksites.

Consolidate all field and office time records.

Whether you’re using ClockPoint Connect, the wireless JobClock Hornet, portable JobClock/EX or our mobile time clock app, ExakTime’s command central software—TimeSummit—collects your time records and manages them all in one place.

Best of all, you can export your time card data into your favorite bookkeeping program using our AccountLinx software.

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ClockPoint Kiosk

The simplicity of our system on your PC.

ClockPoint Kiosk turns any PC into an office time clock. Then your workers can clock in and out with keytabs on a PC just as easily as on one of our JobClocks.

Track attendance anywhere.

ClockPoint Kiosk software was designed for your office, but you can track workers’ time anywhere you have a desktop or laptop computer and a Keytab Reader, connected via USB cable.

Take your laptop outdoors and track attendance at shops, yards, jobsite trailers and more. Time records are stored locally on your PC with or without Internet access, and sent back to your office as soon as you are connected.

Time matters in the office, too.

Brings accurate time tracking to your office to round out your system. You can use a JobClock or ExakTime Mobile to track outdoor crews and ClockPoint Kiosk to track office workers.

Workers can even clock in on a JobClock or smartphone and clock out on ClockPoint Kiosk.

All time records still appear in TimeSummit—for detailed reporting, overtime calculation and easy exporting to your accounting software.

Features List

  • Track unlimited employees, activities, tasks and cost codes using Keytabs or a FastTrakker
  • Time punches are stored locally absent an Internet connection and uploaded automatically when it’s restored
  • Each desktop can be assigned as a distinct, custom-named job location
  • Integrates with JobClocks and ExakTime Mobile for rock-solid, accurate timekeeping
  • Runs in the background on your PC desktop, allowing others to clock in while you work
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