Command central software for your field-based time and labor tracking.

Complete time and attendance management.

Our robust time tracking software sorts and stores all your job-site records on your computer, and instantly generates powerful reports that help you manage your workforce. Access data uploaded from your clocks and easily sync it with your payroll processing software.

  • Easily manage time records and job site data
  • Track labor trends and work patterns
  • Monitor cost code activity for better project management
  • Retain accurate and secure records to support compliance
  • Expedite payroll and eliminate data-entry errors
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  • central

    Central Time Tracking Management

    TimeSummit is your time-tracking command central where you review and manage employee time records from any of your clocks, create job sites, assign cost codes, and easily view job site activities.

  • reports

    Creates The Reports You Need

    No more hunching over a spreadsheet program until midnight. Get vastly improved oversight with over 40 powerful reports, including executive summary reports of employee work hours, overtime, activity by job site, and cost codes—all produced in seconds.

  • compliance

    Compliance Assistance

    Digital records are clearly organized, sorted, and stored in TimeSummit, creating ongoing documentation of your time and labor practices that help you stay compliant—and give you the backup to show it.

  • syncs

    Syncs with Your Accounting Program

    Your time tracking data is always accessible in TimeSummit. With AccountLinx, you can export it to your accounting program anytime you want, saving you valuable time and greatly simplifying the payroll process.

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