ExakTime Mobile

A powerful mobile time tracking app for your smartphone or tablet.

Mobile, Field-Based Time Tracking

Our easy-to-use time tracking app turns any smartphone or tablet into a feature-rich mobile time clock for employees in the field or on the move—with advanced workforce management tools to keep you informed about workers and job sites.

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  • Monitor hours and cost codes in real time as projects progress
  • Track the exact location of your workers with GPS tracking and GeoTrakker
  • Eliminate buddy punching with employee photo verification
  • Gather 100% accurate digital time records
  • Streamline payroll from punch-in to paycheck and stay compliant
  • Syncs easily with your accounting program
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  • crew-tracking

    Crew & Cost Code Tracking

    Employees can select applicable cost codes and clock in on their own mobile device, or supervisors can manage an entire crew and customize each clock-in.

  • SiteHub


    Our time clock app provides the latest details on any of your job sites in a single screen. SiteHub shows clock-ins, cost code activity, a rolling budget, and other real-time updates—for informed oversight on the go.

  • Field Notes

    Field Notes

    Important site updates and incident reports are easily sent to the office using text, voice, and photos, for instant and secure documentation. Never forget or regret again.

  • geofencing

    GPS Geofences

    Confirm workers are clocking in and out at the job site using customized, GPS-powered geofences. A quick check reveals if anyone has clocked in, or out, off site.

  • ID Confirmation

    ID Confirmation

    Any mobile device becomes a robust biometric time clock by using its front-facing camera to snap a photo of each worker when they clock in and out. Goodbye, buddy-punching.

  • team-view

    Team View

    View a map of everyone who is clocked in at all your job sites to better manage your projects and crews.

  • equipment-tracking

    Equipment & Materials Tracking

    Keep track of equipment usage and materials spending, helping you manage costs and stay on budget.

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