JobClock Hornet

A wireless time clock that delivers workforce management every hour.

Conveniently Wireless. Reliably Rugged.

Wireless technology meets tough durability in a rugged time clock that lets you monitor workers’ activities throughout the day. Get automatic delivery of time and activity records to the office every hour so you can focus on other tasks, knowing the Hornet is tracking your employees’ time and labor to the minute.

  • Get 100% accurate records every hour via a reliable mobile data network
  • Manage your workforce in real time and avoid unplanned overtime
  • Save on fuel costs and drive time of picking up paper time cards
  • Rugged & weather-proof—designed for the harshest environments
  • Streamline payroll from punch-in to paycheck and stay compliant
  • Works with your accounting program
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  • automatic-delivery

    Automatic Record Delivery

    Don’t waste another cent or second collecting time cards. Hornet delivers clock-ins, clock-outs and cost codes wirelessly back to your office every hour so you can make real-time job site decisions.

  • cost-code-tracking

    Cost Code Tracking

    Employee time records and cost codes are sent back to the office every hour—so that every minute is tracked to the right job.

  • save

    Pay Only For Hours Worked

    Say goodbye to the hassles and inaccuracies of paper time tracking and never look back. Now your workers’ attendance is actually required for every minute they are on the clock.

  • rugged

    Rugged, Military Grade Housing

    Built to last, the Hornet is encased in a military-grade ABS composite shell that can withstand rough handling as well as temperatures ranging from -10 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 to 77 degrees Celsius).

  • battery

    Long-Lasting Battery

    A rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for approximately 25 days—the longest-lasting battery life of any outdoor time clock. A convenient car charger allows you to recharge while on the go.

  • secure

    Secure & Extensive Storage Capabilities

    No matter the size of your workforce, the Hornet stores thousands of time and cost code records safely and securely.

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