Vault-like security and total reliability in a portable time clock.

World’s Toughest Time Clock

This unstoppable time clock tracks employees’ hours and cost codes with the simple touch of a keytab. Over extended durations in the roughest conditions, it stores 100% accurate records for easy retrieval and sharing with your payroll package.

  • Gather 100% accurate time and activity records
  • Rugged & weather-proof—designed for the harshest environments
  • Streamline payroll from punch-in to paycheck and stay compliant
  • Works with your accounting program
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  • rugged-ex

    Rock-Solid Aluminum Casing

    Built to sustain hard knocks, the battery-powered EX can stand up to tough conditions and long durations in the field in rain, snow or ice, at temperatures ranging from -10 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 to 77 degrees Celsius).

  • cost-code-tracking

    Tracks Cost Codes

    Use cost codes to track job site activities quickly and easily, so you can keep an eye on the true cost of your projects.

  • save

    Pay Only For Hours Worked

    Say goodbye to the hassles and inaccuracies of paper time tracking and never look back. Now your workers’ attendance is actually required for every minute they are on the clock.

  • secure

    Secure & Extensive Storage Capabilities

    Using a standard battery that lasts six months, the EX can store thousands of time records securely—until you are ready to collect them with your Fasttrakker Pro or Android device with Bluetooth technology.

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