System Overview

Rugged time clocks that eliminate paper time cards.

Our rugged time clocks track work anywhere, eliminating the need for costly handwritten, paper time cards. Our solutions automate time tracking in the field and payroll in the office, ensuring business owners accurate time records and efficient payroll processing procedures.

Here’s how we make it easy for businesses to go paperless and save thousands:

Is Your Business Compliant?All-weather time clocks. Unlike other time tracking solutions, our time clocks thrive at difficult, remote job sites, and deliver 100% accurate, digital time records to business owners – ideal for construction and other labor-intense industries that rely on workers and crews outside the office.

Cloud Time and AttendanceCloud control. Our cloud service guarantees records are safe, accurate and on time. It stores job-site data and pushes it safely to your office when you need it. Our cloud stores employee hours, cost codes, job sites, field notes and other important work-site data.

Time Clock SoftwarePowerful time tracking hub. TimeSummit is the brains of our system. Our powerful time tracking software stores all of your digital time records in one place and generates over 40 digital job-site reports that help business owners make their workforce more productive.

Time Clock SoftwareCompletely automated payroll. Eliminate all manual data entry. AccountLinx Plus shares digital records with your existing payroll software, so your bookkeepers don’t have to transcribe any time cards. They save time processing payroll, minimize clerical errors and have more time for other office responsibilities.

We’ve helped over 20,000 organizations around the world control their labor costs, improve their workforce productivity and protect themselves against compliance issues.

Explore our options for wireless time tracking, mobile time tracking, and rugged time tracking to see which solution is the best for you. You can even mix and match time clocks to best suit your needs.