Time & labor management.

All of your job-site data in one place.

TimeSummit is our powerful time tracking software that stores your job-site records and generates digital reports that help you manage your workforce.

  • Manage time records and job-site data
  • Understand labor trends and work patterns
  • Eliminate payroll errors
  • Get time records you can read and trust
  • Gain more time for other office tasks
Time Clock Software 

Powerful time tracking hub.

Easy-to-use application with
over 40 digital reports to choose from.

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Completely automated payroll.

Construction's #1 time clock software manages your time and attendance data like employees, job sites, equipment and cost codes - as well as other important business measures like materials, budgets, audits and more.

It stores all of your records digitally, in one place, so you can access the data at any time - saving your bookkeepers time and your business money.

No more dealing with paperwork. No more having to decipher sloppy handwriting. And no more hours wasted manually processing paper time cards.

Time cards you can read and trust.

TimeSummit provides over 40 different digital time cards and summary reports to help you better understand your business expenses and workforce strengths and weaknesses.

Know exactly how much you're spending, and exactly what you're spending it on, for every job site. Guarantee you're only paying for time actually worked - not phantom overtime hours. And protect your business from potential wage and hour lawsuits with reliable employee data to fall back on.

Track more than just time.

TimeSummit is equipped with powerful workforce management tools that give you more intelligence into how your business is spending money.

Curtaining. Save time and reduce errors by only displaying the employees supervisors manage, and cost codes for specific job sites.

Overtime management. Set daily overtime rules for your job sites and TimeSummit will automatically calculate the correct overtime hours every pay period.

Expense management. Easily track employees expenses – including tools, supplies, travel costs and more at the office using TimeSummit or in the field using ExakTime Mobile.

Budget tracking. Know when your job sites are approaching a set budget or exceeding its budget. Budget tracking reports give users the ability to view job-site expenses while the job is still active - so business owners can make adjustments before costs soar.

Equipment tracking. Maintain a history of your field equipment with equipment tracking. Track your equipment's usage, maintenance, cost and more. And ensure that your field equipment is operating at its peak efficiency at all times.

Field notes. Get the important job-site data you need with field notes. Supervisors simply record job-site photos, audio or text comments and wirelessly sync them to TimeSummit. Review the updates at your own convenience and make field adjustments from your office.

Material tracking. Gain a better understanding of materials used at your job sites with material tracking. TimeSummit's reports breakdown material costs so you'll never overspend on building materials again.

Security audit trails. Keep track of who reviewed and edited your time records. TimeSummit attaches audit trails to your office administrators, so you can keep your employees accountable for any records they change in the system.

Sharing is good.

TimeSummit works with our AccountLinx software to share real-time data with the payroll application you’re already using. Whether you're using QuickBooks, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics or another payroll software - we've got you covered.

Reduce payroll processing time, eliminate double data entry and guarantee your records are safe, accurate and on time.

PC Software Requirements
600 MHz Pentium III-compatible or faster processor; 2 GHz or faster processor recommended
1 GB, 2 GB or more recommended
Operating System
Windows 8
Windows 7 64-bit or 32-bit
Windows 2008 Server 64-bit or 32-bit
Windows Vista SP2 64-bit or 32-bit
Windows 2003 SP1
Windows XP 32-bit SP3
Mac Requirements
TimeSummit Professional is designed for a Windows environment on a PC. However, it can run on a Mac using a Boot Camp, VM Fusion or Parallels Windows installation. 4 GB of memory recommended.

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