3 Time-Saving Features of Wireless Time Clocks

In the construction industry, efficiency is important. There’s no room for wasting time when you need to finish a project or pay the crew. JobClock Hornet, our rugged wireless time clock, and ExakTime Mobile, our powerful time clock app, help … Continued

ExakTime Gives Back(packs)!

On Saturday, Aug. 9, ExakTime donated $10,000 to an End of Summer Block Party event organized by the Los Angeles Mission. The donation funded the giveaway of 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to underprivileged LA children. A group of … Continued

Keeping Your Cool When The Heat Is On

Most of the country is entering peak heat season right now. Here are a few weather forecast samples for the Thursday, July 24, 2014: Phoenix – High: 114º; Low: 90º Miami – High: 88º; Low: 79º Dallas – High: 98º; … Continued

A Powerful Tool for Real-Time Workforce Management

It’s tough running a construction or landscaping business when your workers are spread out at two, five or ten job sites. When you are relying on paper timekeeping and occasional phone check-ins with supervisors, you don’t know for sure who … Continued

An App for Better Field Management

Many private companies and government agencies have workers in the field. Meter readers, equipment servicers, customer delivery drivers and inventory movers, plus restaurant inspectors, home health aids, landscape and plant care takers or crews, and exterminators: these are just some … Continued

Compliance and Time Tracking

Who said owning a business was easy? There are many different factors that a business owner has to juggle. Some examples include customer and employee happiness, brand reputation, quality of work, codes & compliance, and last but not least, profitability. … Continued

Change your time & attendance management with GPS

Are all your guys on site at the new build this morning? Is Tom there to oversee the framing, and are they going to finish it today so the drywalling can be started? It’s tough not knowing every morning which … Continued

Field-Based Solutions

ExakTime Mobile

Manage labor and job site activities in real time.

JobClock Hornet

Wireless time and labor tracking for your toughest work sites.


Reliable time tracking from the toughest clock on the planet.


Powerful software that puts all time records, cost codes and site stats right at your fingertips.

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