How ExakTime Reports Can Help Your Growing Business

Whether you have ten employees or one-hundred and ten, ExakTime’s rugged clocks and mobile app offer accurate time-tracking solutions that will make your business more efficient. Plus, with our software, you’ll have better information to make the best decisions for … Continued

3 Ways Biometrics Can Help Your Business

When you can’t verify your employees’ time or even be sure of their attendance in the field, your business is at risk for time theft and potentially inefficient workflows. Biometric data allows you to forget about these concerns and can … Continued

Integrating ExakTime Time Clocks

ExakTime offers a variety of solutions for time tracking that help you stay on top of labor costs—but we’re often asked which one is the best. The short answer is, it really depends. All of our time tracking options are … Continued

How Cost Code Tracking Can Help Your Business

When you’re trying to get an idea of how long specific activities are taking your workers, you’re probably relying on rough estimates from a site supervisor or an employee struggling to remember at the end of the week. With ExakTime, … Continued

3 Ways GPS Time Tracking Helps You Run A Business

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6 Tips on Staying Ahead in the Economic Upturn

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3 Time-Saving Features of Wireless Time Clocks

In the construction industry, efficiency is important. There’s no room for wasting time when you need to finish a project or pay the crew. JobClock Hornet, our rugged wireless time clock, and ExakTime Mobile, our powerful time clock app, help … Continued

Field-Based Solutions

ExakTime Mobile

Manage labor and job site activities in real time.

JobClock Hornet

Wireless time and labor tracking for your toughest work sites.


Reliable time tracking from the toughest clock on the planet.


Powerful software that puts all time records, cost codes and site stats right at your fingertips.

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