Behind The Scenes With: Jessica G.

Note: This post is the first in our new “Behind the Scenes With…” series, each of which will be taking a look behind the curtain at an ExakTime employee to see exactly what part they play in our great operation … Continued

The Search for Skilled Labor Is On

FMI, a major provider of financial consulting for construction and engineering businesses, recently published their 2015 report on the hiring and retention of craft laborers in the construction industry. Over three-quarters of contractors surveyed by FMI last year said they … Continued

Demolition isn’t just big boys making a big mess

Just in time for the upcoming National Demolition Association Convention & Expo in Nashville March 21—we’ll be there at Booth 328!—we wanted to explore some popular misconceptions about the demolition industry. Based on the news, you might think all demolition … Continued

Are tiny houses (or apartments) the next big thing?

Tiny houses are showing up more and more in the media. A documentary released in 2013, Tiny, helped fuel the fire, and a 2014 Internet-based TV series, Tiny Home Nation, is stoking the flames. But for those who haven’t been … Continued

Paper Is a Waste of Trees and Time

We’re always glad when we read someone else talking about money and time lost on paper record-keeping. Of course, we’re in the business of replacing paper time cards. But it’s also the truth: keeping paper records wastes time that could … Continued

Workforce Management Tools At Work In The Field

Thousands of businesses use our ExakTime Mobile app to manage their workforce and track time. There are about 25,000 current ExakTime Mobile users—and that number is growing every day as smartphones and tablets, mobile time tracking apps, and apps in … Continued

How ExakTime Can Help You Manage Multiple Job Sites

When you’ve got employees at several different locations, managing your business can get difficult. Not only do you need to keep track of who is supposed to be where and when, but you also have to figure out the best … Continued

WOC 2015 was the greatest!

ExakTime spent three days last week at WOC 2015 in Las Vegas, our biggest trade show of the year. And every minute of it was a huge success! We succeeded in setting up our largest booth ever, with a paper … Continued

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