Success Stories

“Now we spend our time on job sites, not on wild goose chases.”

-Chuck Kreger, Operations Manager, BTAC

BTAC, Inc.


The leading HVAC installers for the South Plains of Texas for over four decades, BTAC needed a better, safer way to keep track of workers on multi-level job sites than paper time cards and word of mouth. With ExakTime, they know where their workers are—and they save time and money on payroll.

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Case Studies

ExakTime Success Stories

We’ve helped thousands of customers save money and time processing their payroll by eliminating the need for handwritten paper time cards. Read how our versatile time tracking solutions help businesses like yours increase their bottom line.

Coast Landscaping

Coast Landscaping

This landscaping company found a more effective and efficient time tracking solution with ExakTime, which eliminates disputes and saves them up to 25% percent in payroll expenses.

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Boone Brothers

Boone Brothers Roofing

ExakTime helped this roofing company lower its payroll expenses by 8% and cut its payroll processing time down to hours instead of days.

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Barber Webb Co.

Barber-Webb Co.

ExakTime’s wireless JobClock Hornet saved Barber-Webb thousands in payroll expenses and lowered its payroll prep time by 60%.

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SMG Stone

ExakTime changed our business for the better.

Field SupervisorSMG Stone
Ben Golde

My weekly payroll dropped from $7,000 to $5,000 by switching.

Ben GoldeClassic Quality Painting
Rob Rhoades

ExakTime makes us look like geniuses to our clients.

Rob RhoadesDiamond-R-Electric
Mark Johnson

Within a few weeks, our system paid for itself with all the savings.

Mark JohnsonCornerstone Landscape
Mitzi Akers

ExakTime’s team is the best bunch of people I’ve ever worked with.

Mitzi AkersRaleigh County Schools
Jason Kirkpatrick

The JobClock saves my company over $25,000 a year in payroll.

Jason KirkpatrickKirkpatrick’s Construction

What Customers Say

Late one Friday I was doing my weekly payroll and driving myself crazy. I put the handwritten timesheets on the desk and called Exaktime. I got set up with JobClocks for my fixed locations and PocketClock so I could enter all the specifics of things that happened at the jobsite. In less than 2 months, my payroll processing time went from 3-4 hours a week down to 15 minutes. I can’t tell you what a time saver this system has been.

Jeff PenegarJeff Penegar's Quality Custom Construction
Little River, SC

You can certainly count on me to be a reference! We rely heavily on our JobClock system and I think it was one of the best purchases we made!

Danette "Dano" SummersIn Time Renovations LLC
Tacoma, WA

Our 12 JobClocks paid for themselves in just a couple of months. Not only do we save on labor costs, we keep better track of our job time and we know exactly where our men are. Getting The JobClock System is one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Sis WooldridgeCrist Electrical Contractor, Inc.
Forest, VA

We have found The JobClock System to be one of the best investments we’ve made in recent years. Our employees love it because there’s no more guessing and there’s no way for their times to get messed up. The PocketClock/GPS feature is great in allowing us to see exactly where and when everyone is working. We have already seen a nice return on investment in using The JobClock System.

Brian MooreJewett Roofing
Greenville, IL

We love The JobClock System. It has saved us a lot of money in the three years we’ve used it. Thank you.

Sarah EdwardsEP Powerhouse
Ravenna, OH

Field-Based Solutions

ExakTime Mobile

Manage labor and job site activities in real time.

JobClock Hornet

Wireless time and labor tracking for your toughest work sites.


Reliable time tracking from the toughest clock on the planet.


Powerful software that puts all time records, cost codes and site stats right at your fingertips.

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