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Apline Sprinklers

Dave Reynolds
Owner, Alpine Sprinklers

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Alpine Sprinklers & Landscaping
of Kalispell, MT is “totally flipping impressed” by ExakTime Mobile.

Hey, this is Dave Reynolds in Kallispell, Montana, with Alpine Sprinklers &Landscaping. I had to call you and tell you I have never been so impressed with anything in my life as my new ExakTime Mobile system that we talked about last year, and I am just totally flipping impressed. I’m getting Field Notes back, I’m getting pictures back. I am getting all the information that I spent hours tracking people around and begging them for information, and not getting it, or getting it halfway, not getting all of it. It is unflipping believable. I just wanted to call you and thank you.
Dave Reynolds, Owner, Alpine Sprinklers

“bottom line, I save so much money”

Carmela Zavaglia
Controller, RPG Electric

The reason I like my ExakTime jobclocks is because I’ve had them since 2010, we’ve always had about six construction sites going, and I used to always have to get the guys to give me their timesheets before, and of course they would never write in when they left early or came in late. Not a problem anymore: bottom line, I save so much money because I have guys that leave early and come in late. So with a crew of about twenty people, this really has saved me money since 2010, and I’m very thankful. Thank you. Bye.
Carmela Zavaglia, Controller, RPG Electric

“much more productive”

Ken Wertz
Owner, Sun Construction

What I loved about ExakTime was, there was no more guessing about when my employees actually checked in and checked out, took lunchtimes, whatever. I paid for the system in about a month, actually, and it really got my employees in line in terms of what their productivity was really all about. They became much more productive and saved me a lot of money and hassle not having to have them guess about their time. They punched in, it was a done deal, they punched out, whether for lunch, breaks, what have you, and it was accurate. It turned out they were actually only working about six hours a day and were charging me for eight. And they weren’t malicious or had no ill intent about it, it’s just they really didn’t get it until they actually clocked in and clocked out. Anyway, hope that helps for you guys. You’ve got a great company. Bye for now.
Ken Wertz, Owner, Sun Construction

“ecstatically happy”

Niki Bossonis
Marketing Director, WICR Waterproofing and Decking

I’m calling to tell you how ecstatically happy we are with the ExakTime system. I can’t believe we waited this long to implement something like this. It’s not only given us the streamlined payroll and accounting that we so desperately needed after being encumbered by a manual system, but now we’ve got the accuracy and insight that we needed to keep track of the guys in the field. It’s night and day. ExakTime, you’ve got raving fans over here. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Have a great day. Bye!
Niki Bossosanis, Marketing Director, WICR Waterproofing and Decking

Case Studies

Mike from Classic Conrete Forming
Now we’re paying them for what they really worked, and not what the supervisors were able to remember.

Mike Vandenbos
Owner, Classic Concrete Forming

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We save $50,000 a year, maybe more—and now payroll is just another little step, it’s not a weekly ordeal.

Mike Cooper
President, Cooper Drywall

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Penny from Boone Brothers Roofing
Now that we use ExakTime’s mobile workforce management solutions to track our labor in real time, we never have to worry about workers being on the wrong roof again.

Penny Jochimsen
HR Director, Boone Brothers

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We used to lose over 50 man-hours per month with foremen chasing after workers’ time cards. Those days are gone. I don’t miss them.

Chuck Kreger
Operations Manager, BTAC

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Russell from South Florida Excavation
I can pull up a certified payroll job and know who was there, which equipment they were on, and how long they were on those machines. I love it.

Russell Anderson
Owner, South Florida Excavation

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Ben from Classic Quality Painting
“My weekly payroll dropped from $7,000 to $5,000 by switching.”

Ben Golde
Classic Quality Painting

Rob from Diamond-R-Electric
“ExakTime makes us look like geniuses to our clients.”

Rob Rhodes

Ben from Classic Quality Painting
“ExakTime’s team is the best bunch of people I’ve ever worked with.”

Mitzi Akers
Raleigh County Schools

Rob from Diamond-R-Electric
“The JobClock saves my company over $25,000 a year in payroll.”

Jason Kirkpatrick
Kirkpatrick’s Construction

Ben from Classic Quality Painting
“Within a few weeks, our system paid for itself with all the savings.”

Mark Johnson
Cornerstone Landscape

Rob from Diamond-R-Electric
“Honest, accurate records get sent back to our office automatically.”

Holland Mason
Coast Landscaping

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Ben from Classic Quality Painting
“If it wasn’t for the JobClock, we’d be making huge payroll mistakes.”

Gabby Mendez
Barber-Webb Co.

Rob from Diamond-R-Electric
“ExakTime changed our business for the better.”

Field Supervisor
SMG Stone

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