Our Story

ExakTime, an Arcoro product, was created almost 20 years ago by a contractor who was losing money because he could not be on site all the time. Inaccurate and misplaced time cards were hurting his business.

Today ExakTime’s mobile, cloud-based solution is the leader in construction workforce management because of its continued ease of use, constant technical evolution, unmatched U.S.-based support, and seamless integration with payroll programs.

The Arcoro Difference

ExakTime is proud to be a product of Arcoro. Arcoro is a proven provider of modular HR and workforce management software for high-consequence, high-compliance industries, offering solutions that are easy to implement and that integrate smoothly with your current HR processes.

AGC Capstone Supporter

ExakTime is part of Arcoro, the only Capstone Supporter of the Associated General Contractors of America that offers HR software to the construction industry and skilled trades. Over a five-year relationship with the AGC national chapter, Arcoro has helped hundreds of AGC members nationwide with finding, training and retaining their workforces.


The ExakTime headquarters is located in Calabasas, California, while our talented Development Team works out of Granger, Indiana. ExakTime also owes its success to the hard work of our remote employees found in a range of locations throughout the country.


Award Winner


Inc. 5000
Award Winner

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Award Winner

2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019

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