Times are a’changing, and today we live in a society that needs information now. Our phones have put the Internet at our fingertips and have accustomed us to expect answers, solutions, information, and data moment to moment. When it comes to business, the faster you can obtain what you need the more successful you’ll be. That’s why we think 2016 will be the year to jump on board with mobile technology in the workplace in more ways than ever before.

Apps to Run Your Business

There was once a time when business leaders feared going on vacation because of how disconnected they would be from their work. But now we live in a world where many people could actually run their business simply with the apps available to them on their phone. The peace of mind knowing there is a wealth of information available on the cloud (i.e. on a secure and central server that’s accessible from the Internet) that can be reviewed on any web-based device is something businesses are going to value more and more in the coming years.

Information on Demand

A big part of the appeal of being able to run a business from a mobile device is information on demand. ExakTime’s time clock app is one example of how we’ve implemented that need for technology at a moment’s notice. Information at the ready means decisions can be made faster, problems identified earlier, and the health of your business assessed more accurately. By making information available on demand you’ll have the ability to revolutionize the ways in which your business operates.

Catch Up to your Competitors

This technology is here to stay whether you are ready for it or not. If you’re in any outdoor industry, odds are your closest competitors have already found ways to take advantage of cloud and mobile technologies or are, at the very least, exploring ways to do so in the new year. Don’t fall behind on evolving technologies to make sure you stay competitive at all times.

Consider the Following

While there is a lot of great technology out there, make sure you do proper research before agreeing to a particular service. You’ll want to make sure your data is protected and secure and not vulnerable to being lost or stolen. Also be sure to evaluate the individual needs of your business, identify how you will use the app or cloud service, and then map out a plan for rolling it out with your team.

If you’d like to learn more about how ExakTime can help your business implement a mobile time tracking system to improve your payroll process, just contact us today.