You can’t ask “what if?” forever.

Streamlining payroll is a minor toll to pay for the freedom it gives your business.

Has management not put enough pressure on you about it? Have you not put enough pressure on them?

Stop wondering what life with streamlined payroll would be like. Instead, start by reading the success stories of three current ExakTime customers. Just like you, these companies needed to automate their accounting. The only difference is, you know—they actually did something about it.

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The Gerken Company works hard. Now they’re working smart, too. (Facebook)

HR is overworked

Barber-Webb specializes in the installation of cell liners and unique plastic products. They employ 45+ workers at roughly four construction sites a day.

Gaby Mendez is the company’s accounting and payroll assistant. Not surprisingly, the company ran into issues without a mobile time clock. Also not surprisingly, all of these issues fell onto Mendez. Payroll problems like incorrect overtime, misclassified employees and ineffective time records became a part of her job on a daily basis.

“There were times when I was taking [payroll] work home,” she said. “It would take me all of Monday and Tuesday to complete payroll by Wednesday – and this was every week!”

Mendez said that her field employees hopped right on board when they learned the new clock-in system would save them time. Not to mention, a guaranteed paycheck for using the app didn’t hurt either.

Return on investment: What previously took Mendez three days to process with paper time cards has dwindled down to just a few hours. She helped her company lower its payroll expenses by 10% and decrease its payroll processing time by 60%.

Wasting time & money

After 22 years in business, AIM Environmental Group (an environmental construction company) expanded to the point where relying on an outdated paper timesheet system was becoming inefficient and costly.

Scott Carney is the chief financial for AIM Environmental. He’s dealt with a bundle of issues.

Do any of these payroll problems sound familiar?

  • It took forever to gather supervisor signatures for 100+ employees.
  • Paper timesheets consistently read 40+ hours, despite workers visibly not showing up on time.
  • Employees didn’t turn their time cards in, making weekly payroll even more of a nightmare.
  • Converting minutes to decimals for accurate payroll calculations.

So, Carney gave ExakTime a shot. Workers began using the mobile app on their own Androids and iPhones right away. The records auto-sync to his office automatically, so workers don’t have to spend half of their Fridays looking for a signature from a supervisor.

“It’s a no-brainer,” he said. “With digital time tracking and GPS technology, it’s the perfect scenario for us.”

Return on investment: ExakTime’s mobile time tracking app streamlined the company’s payroll processing methods right away, eventually saving them $90,000 annually in employee payroll and an additional $20,000 in workers comp.

Inaccurate reports & time records

Shelley Miller, paving division controller at the Gerken Companies, said that her company had no “real way” to monitor locations before they adopted ExakTime.

An Ohio-based construction firm that focuses on the building and improvement of infrastructures, the Gerken Companies completes nearly 300 projects each year in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. These jobs frequently take place in extremely low temperatures.

Thanks to inaccurate reports, however, frostbite would become the least of their concerns.

“Someone would write down on their time card that they showed up [to the job site] at 6:30 a.m.,” Miller said. “But when we showed up at 6:45, no one was there.”

Now, ExakTime’s system digitally collects and stores time records for Gerken and organizes the data into easy-to-read time cards and summary reports for company executives.

“It’s been great that we can use something automated, even though we’re in a very cold part of the country.”

Return on investment: Aside from completely accurate reports, Gerken’s payroll clerk spends more time reviewing time records and approving them, rather than physically keyboarding them into her computer.