With an ExakTime free demo, you can start to rein in buddy punching and hour inflation today and eliminate the potential for manual entry errors.

When your payroll is inaccurate, it costs you. ExakTime’s time and attendance solution ensures payroll accuracy and helps you rein in payroll costs.

And with an ExakTime free demo, you’ll discover how simple it is for your workers to use the mobile app.

All of this adds up to savings. And you’ll save not just money but also time.

#1 Get Control of Payroll Costs With an ExakTime Demo

Reasons your payroll is higher than it should be may include:

  • Buddy Punching
  • Weekly Hour Inflation
  • Errors from Manual Entry

Buddy Punching

Buddy punching occurs when one worker clocks in or clocks out for a co-worker.  This happens when the co-worker is not actually on the job site. It allows a worker to steal minutes to hours of time from you that add up to extra payroll costs.

When you schedule a demo you’ll see how ExakTime eliminates this problem with photo biometrics.

When workers clock in and out from the field with their unique four-digit PIN, our convenient FaceFront Biometrics feature snaps a photo with the camera on their phone or any mobile device they’re using. With a photo, you can verify each worker is clocking in and clocking out for themselves.

Weekly Hour Inflation and Errors from Manual Entry

Weekly hour inflation is inevitable when using paper time cards. When you rely on employees or their supervisors to record their hours, they may be intentionally, or unintentionally, inaccurate. Even if they add just a few minutes here or there, those minutes add up over time and the expense is your loss.

There’s another chance for error when your staff must manually enter those hours into your payroll system. Unless your workers and supervisors all have neat handwriting, translating time card records and entering that data into a payroll system leaves a lot of room for mistakes.

#2 Your Demo Shows How GPS Time Tracking Works

You can do even more to prevent stolen time by using the GPS Time Tracking features during your ExakTime demo.

Use the ExakTime app to create geofences around your job sites. When there is a geofence around a site, when employees clock in or out, their time stamp is flagged as either on-site or off-site. This will let you know if a worker is clocking in from the donut shop across the street from their worksite or clocking out when they’ve already left for the day.

#3 ExakTime’s App is Easy for Your Workers to Use

We often hear from customers who are concerned their employees won’t want to use the ExakTime app on their own phones, because they don’t want to use their own cellphone plan data. Well, that objection is easy to overcome.

Our app, ExakTime Mobile, uses just 10MB of data per month at most—less than 0.3% of what the average smartphone user consumes monthly.

ExakTime Mobile uses less than 0.3% of what the average smartphone user consumes monthly.

You can assure your team the ExakTime app won’t drive up their cell phone bills. It can operate at full capacity for 30 days using less data than streaming a two-minute YouTube video.

And don’t worry if your workforce includes non-English speakers. ExakTime allows all prompts and displays to be sent in three different languages: English, Spanish or French.

Additional Benefits of ExakTime’s Time and Attendance Solution

With an ExakTime demo, you’ll discover the money and time you can save with more accurate time tracking. But there’s so much more ExakTime can do. Several additional valuable features are available to you when you implement the complete ExakTime time-tracking system.

Simplified Payroll

ExakTime’s cloud-based software easily integrates with dozens of payroll and accounting software programs, including QuickBooksSage 100 Contractor & Master Builder, Sage BusinessVision and other valued partners.

All of the data from your worksites, the clock ins and clock outs, are synced to the cloud and back to you.

You don’t have to worry if there’s no cell service in the region you’re working on. This isn’t a problem with ExakTime. Even if you’re out of cellular range, your data will be securely stored until cell service is available—so no labor data will be lost.

This means you won’t have to collect or decode handwritten time sheets. The information you need is there in your system when you’re ready to do payroll.

You can even collect employee sign-offs on time cards through the app.


Set up shifts and tasks for workers using a drag and drop calendar in our cloud-based software. Assigned shifts with location and task appear in the employee’s mobile app. SMS or email alerts remind workers of exactly where to go pre-shift. Get your workers where you need them to be without multiple phone calls and without confusion.

Business Insights and Compliance Reporting

ExakTime compiles the data it collects for you into over 40 robust and detailed reports.

With this information at your fingertips, you can gain new insights into your business. Learn about hours worked and tasks performed at each location.

Plus, you’ll have the reports you need to easily fulfill compliance reporting requirements. From certified payroll to FLSA, we’ve got you covered.

Equipment Tracking

Using ExakTime’s equipment tracking feature, you can easily track heavy and light equipment and even tools. Employees clock in on equipment just like they would a job site, so you’ll know who used what, when, and for how long. Reports will show you equipment usage data and provide cost data that will help in estimating equipment costs for future jobs.

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