In the construction industry, efficiency is important. There’s no room for wasting time when you need to finish a project or pay the crew.

JobClock Hornet, our rugged wireless time clock, and ExakTime Mobile, our powerful time clock app, help you save time by making employee tracking and project management more straightforward and efficient.

Here are three ways our wireless time clocks help you make the most of your time.

You Don’t Have to Track & Drive

Paper time tracking means someone has to head to each work location, gather the time cards and take them back to the office—or that a supervisor has to bring them into a central location. Instead of sitting in a truck, your foreman or bookkeeper could better spend their time managing projects or taking on other office responsibilities.

JobClock Hornet’s wireless time tracking sends the records to the office on an hourly basis, so no one is wasting time driving all over, chasing down time cards. With ExakTime Mobile, clock-ins on your smartphone or tablet are synced with the office once a day, or users can send the records back to the office anytime.

Wireless time clocks save on the cost of fuel, as well as driving time—not to mention time spent waiting on or searching for lost or unfinished time cards.

Bookkeepers Don’t Need to Break Down Data

One of the most tedious tasks for a bookkeeper is rifling through paper time cards and manually punching data into a spreadsheet or accounting program—then going back and making sure the numbers are in the right place and nothing is missing.

JobClock Hornet manages time tracking wirelessly, and automatically sends 100% accurate digital time records back to Time Summit in the office. All your records from ExakTime Mobile go straight to TimeSummit every time you hit ‘Sync’.

ExakTime provides the bookkeeper with the necessary information to get paychecks out in plenty of time. Managing the numbers becomes more efficient, letting them attend to other pressing tasks.

You Get Accurate Time Records

Human error is one of the biggest time wasters in business. When workers use wireless time tracking, their hours won’t be smudged by dirt, oil or coffee—and they won’t be trying to remember them 5 or 10 days after the fact. Bookkeepers won’t guess at time sheets or input inaccurate hours, which later have to be corrected. A wireless time clock keeps records clean and accurate.

Every minute counts when you’re running a business. If a time-draining task can be shortened substantially, why not take advantage of that? JobClock Hornet’s time saving features will give construction crews, supervisors and bookkeepers more free time to finish the work that is really important.