When you can’t verify your employees’ time or even be sure of their attendance in the field, your business is at risk for time theft and potentially inefficient workflows.

Biometric data allows you to forget about these concerns and can benefit your business in several ways.

Eliminate Buddy-Punching

When your employees buddy-punch, it costs you money. Not only are you paying an employee for work not being done, that lost work is making your company less efficient.

With ExakTime Mobile, you can make buddy-punching a thing of the past thanks to the invaluable FaceFront Biometrics feature. When your employees clock in, their smartphone will take a photo and send it to your office so you can match it with a master photo in TimeSummit.

Have peace of mind knowing you can confirm the identity of every “name” who clocks in.

Guarantee Accurate Payroll

FaceFront Biometrics enables you to verify your employees’ IDs and hours regardless of the conditions. No more worrying about dirty hands or poor weather that might interfere with other biometric systems.

Using photos from your mobile device’s front-facing camera plus GPS data, ExakTime Mobile gives you 100% accurate, to-the-minute time tracking. Now you can get rid of error-ridden paper time sheets and save your bookkeeper hours of payroll-processing time. And you’ll know that your employees are clocking in for themselves and only themselves.

Our mobile time clock automatically sends its data to your office, so you can keep an eye on your labor expenses and prevent issues before they happen. If an employee photo doesn’t match up or the GPS time stamp tells you they clocked in outside the designated job site, you’ll have that information well before it’s time to hand out paychecks.

Ease Employee Management

Do some of your employees travel to various job sites throughout the day? By combining photo verification with geolocation, you’ll always know your employees are where they’re supposed to be.

ExakTime Mobile uses real-time data to track your workforce, so you can check in on any employee at any time. Need the information weeks later? It’s automatically stored in TimeSummit so you won’t have to worry about employees trying to remember where they were after the fact.