Many small business owners are looking to ExakTime’s JobClock Hornet wireless time clock to make their businesses more effective.

The Hornet system uses advanced wireless technology to allow accurate time keeping at the home office or out on a remote job site. Workers who are punching in at the job site simply use key tabs to accurately record their punches. The information is then sent to the home office wirelessly.

This technologically advanced time keeping system will make your business more effective and cost efficient. Here are three ways JobClock Hornet can help your small business prosper.

Get Rid Of Waste

The JobClock Hornet and the payroll system that supports it can help your business eliminate the wasted time and resources that plague many small businesses.

If you have ever had to manually enter time information into payroll software, you know what a tedious and frustrating process that can be. The data gathered from the JobClock Hornet is automatically sent to our TimeSummit time clock software, making this time waster a thing of the past.

Our wireless time keeping system eliminates old fashioned paper time cards and saves money by utilizing Keytabs that each worker uses to punch in and out. Those punches are recorded and sent wirelessly, so there is no chance of losing the record.

Time theft is another waste that can be eliminated. When each worker has their own Keytab on their key chain, how can a buddy punch them in early or late? This can help you make sure that your business doesn’t waste a penny on work that wasn’t done.

Bill Effectively

When you charge your customers for the time you spend working for them, your reputation and bottom line depend on accurate records.

The JobClock Hornet allows workers to punch in and have their cost codes tracked, allowing you to keep track of all the different services that you bill for. For example, if you charge different amounts for plumbing and electrical work, you can track how much time your contractor spent doing each kind of job.

You can track up to a thousand separate cost codes using ExakTime’s FastTrakker Pro with the JobClock Hornet. The FastTrakker lets your workers pick any cost code from the list and punch in. The FastTrakker makes your life a lot easier if you have a workforce that performs many different jobs every day.

Do Payroll Yourself

ExakTime’s TimeSummit software makes analyzing and processing your payroll easy enough that anyone can do it. You don’t need to rely on an accountant or human resources to make sense of your records.

All of the punches are wirelessly sent to the software, so there is no tedious data entry. Information from your JobClock Hornet can be presented in 40 different digital reports that are accurate and easy to work with.

With these reports, you can also track data such as equipment and material costs so you can make sure that you stay under budget and stay profitable.

Get Started Today

The JobClock Hornet time and attendance system from ExakTime can make your business much more effective and efficient by saving you money and time. Don’t waste resources anymore. Learn more and get an estimate for the JobClock Hornet from ExakTime today!