Whether they’re the go-to for your payroll, taxes, and budgets or they deal with a very specific part of your company’s finances, accountants work hard—but today is their day! In the spirit of Accountant Day, here are three ways business owners can make their accountant’s lives easier.

Give Them a Raise or a Promotion

Ideally, your accountants already have a clear career path and are adequately compensated for their work, but today is a great time to show just how valuable a good accountant is. Giving your accountant or bookkeeper a raise or a promotion not only motivates them at work, but it also reduces their stress levels, which should ensure better performance.

Can’t afford a permanent raise? You can still give them a one-time bonus as thanks for all their hard work. Even a small bonus will go a long way!

Give Them Easy Access to the Data They Need

Accountants process a lot of numbers, but they often face hurdles to accessing those numbers in a timely fashion. Everything from paper time cards to a poorly implemented organizational system can make collecting information difficult—not to mention time consuming.

Removing barriers to accessing and processing data will not only save time, but also save you money. If you feel like your accountants are spending too much time tracking down the numbers rather than processing them, look for ways to improve your workflow. This could range from using automated employee time tracking and workforce management systems to simply finding better ways to organize your data.

Appreciate Them (Both Publicly and Privately)

This one seems like a no-brainer, but Accountant Day exists for a reason. It’s easy to forget all the hard work accountants put in behind the scenes to make sure a business runs smoothly, so it’s important to take the time and show them that their hard work is appreciated.

Small yet meaningful ways to appreciate your accountant include sending them a thoughtful note or card or publicly acknowledging them at a company-wide meeting. Looking to do a little more? Just about anything can be used to show your appreciation. Here are a few ideas to get you on the right track:

  • Give them a prime parking spot for a week
  • Let them take an extra vacation day or two (or let them leave early)
  • Treat them to a nice lunch at their favorite restaurant

How are you celebrating Accountant Day? Let us know in your comments!