Ditch The Paper And Go Digital

Tracking time and processing payroll manually is a major time and resource drain. Not only does it make the process longer and more involved, it’s also a highly inaccurate method.

Dishonest employees can easily alter records in their favor and buddy punching is virtually impossible to catch. Not only that, but honest mistakes can easily be made during payroll processing due to illegible time cards or simple data entry errors.

Automating your time and attendance system eliminates these pitfalls. For example, our ExakTime Mobile time clock utilizes the front facing camera on your Smartphone to snap a picture of the employee clocking in or out for quick and easy verification by your bookkeeper.

Collecting and storing data digitally ensures your time and attendance records are accurate down to the minute each and every time.

Find A Worker-Friendly Time Clock

The success of any time attendance system depends heavily on your worker’s willingness to embrace it. That’s why a simple, intuitive time clock is essential.

All of our time clocks make clocking in and out quick and easy. With ExakTime Mobile, employees simply use their unique PIN to sign in and then tap green to begin track time and red to stop.

The process is just a simple with our wireless time clock, JobClock Hornet. Employees simply tap their green KeyTab to the JobClock to clock in and their red KeyTab to clock out.

A time clock that’s easy for you workers to adapt to and use is the cornerstone of any effective and efficient time and attendance tracking system.

Centralize And Streamline Payroll Processing

Gathering paper time cards from a variety of work sites and sources is time consuming and makes effective organization and verification of your time and attendance records complicated. Finding and retrieving old records stored in a filing cabinet is equally difficult.

Each of our time clocks pair with our time and attendance software, TimeSummit, to create a complete time tracking system and centralized storage location for your attendance data. Once in TimeSummit, data can be easily categorized, verified and exported to your payroll package via AccountLinx.

JobClock Hornet automatically sends the data it collects in the field back to TimeSummit in your office every hour, eliminating record collection and the inaccuracy that comes with manual data entry.

Even better, now your bookkeeper can verify attendance records throughout the week, speeding up payroll and saving your business money in the process.
Want to know more about how we can help you improve your business’ time and attendance tracking? Ask us!