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3 ways to make your morning more productive

Amy Bourne |

Mornings always seem to fly by without getting as much done as we wish we could. Is it a lack of energy? Not knowing how to set priorities right away? Or is it something else entirely? Let’s explore three ways you can have a more productive morning on the job.

1. Show Up Early

Can you remember the last time you went in earlier than you had to? Especially on a Monday, when the week is fresh and new? If not, it may be worth trying. Arriving to work earlier comes with a variety of benefits, including peace and quiet. Showing up just a little earlier will help you get a head start on your work day (or week) and make you more productive as a result.

2. Set Priorities Right Away

Starting work without knowing your priorities is like trying to find a place you’ve never been without a map – you’re not going to get anywhere.

Ironing out your priorities before you even start working will help set the pace for your workday. Even if you don’t get much say in your priorities, taking some time to process the work you’re about to do can help you do your job more efficiently.

3. Help Everyone Be More Productive

Unless your employees are salaried, they most likely have to clock in to start their days. This process can be done in a wide variety of ways, including paper time cards or online software.

Depending on which method your company uses, you or your employees could be wasting a significant portion of your workday just tracking time. Plus, a misplaced paper time card can upset everyone and ruin their productivity before they even start working.

You can simplify the process with ExakTime’s easy time clock app. They just open the app, hit the green “Go” button, and then get to work. Supervisors can clock in for a whole crew the same way. No paper, no passwords, no hassle.

Starting your morning off right can help set the tone for the rest of your day. Minimizing any potential inconveniences and giving yourself a few moments of peace before the work day can help you better prioritize and, ultimately, be more productive.

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Amy Bourne is the marketing copywriter for ExakTime. She enjoys learning about the real challenges faced in the construction-related field, and providing content that helps business owners work smarter.


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