There’s an old misconception that if you keep throwing more money into something, it will improve. This thought is not necessarily true, especially when it comes to motivating your employees. According to Career Analyst Dan Pink, monetary rewards can actually distract from a job well done, especially when the job involves any creative problem-solving.

The truth is, money is important, but it should not be the only thing you consider when trying to rally (or reward) your employees.

Here are some ideas for inspiring your employees without money:

Multi-channel recognition

When most people do a great job, they want a little recognition. A multi-channel recognition system takes this to a much larger level. For example, when an employee goes above and beyond in their work, recognize their accomplishments in a meeting, on your website’s blog, and on your social media platforms.

This multi-channel approach will allow your employees to know their accomplishments are really being appreciated because their hard work will be seen by a lot people.

Performance competitions for additional perks

We all know that performance competitions already exist, with the reward usually being a bonus or something monetarily-related. However, does your performance competition have the reward of being able to negotiate new job-related perks? Perhaps the winner of a performance competition would like to come to work a little later on Mondays or move to a more preferable office location? The possibilities are, if not endless, plentiful.

Control-an-office-function award

When an employee does a job very well done, why not give her or him control of something in the office for a period of time? Some examples would be: controlling the music selection on the office’s Bluetooth speakers for the next week, choosing the cream flavor for the offices’ next coffee supply purchase, or even controlling the lighting in the office for a few days.

This may sound paltry, but many employees (especially the less outspoken ones) would appreciate having control over some functions of an office for even a short time, if given the option.

When brainstorming non-monetary measures, it’s helpful to remember most people want respect and recognition in addition to money. Starting off small with some ideas like those mentioned could help your office morale and employee satisfaction in the long run.