A lot of your competitors read blogs for industry-related advice, but doing what everyone else is doing won’t get you ahead. These online resources for construction managers that we’ve compiled are valuable high-level resources that can help you stay up-to-date, competitive and compliant:

  1. O*Net OnlineO*Net OnLine is a vast database of occupational information, but one of our favorite things about it is that it is extremely useful for creating job listings. A page like this one for Construction Laborers lists specific job requirements like tasks, tools & technology, knowledge, skills, abilities, and more. Give O*Net a try next time you need to put together a job description.
  2. OSHAWe don’t have to tell you that construction jobs are some of the most hazardous out there. OSHA.gov helps you stay up-to-date on the latest safety laws and provides some great safety-related resources, like this hot weather fact sheet. Be sure to check out their construction-specific page.
  3. Bureau of Labor StatisticsThe amount of information the Bureau of Labor Statistics houses on its website is simply mind-boggling. From forecasting trends to solid, historical data, the BLS can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about today’s and yesterday’s labor market, and sort info almost however you want. A good place to dip your toes in the ocean is the construction industry’s “Industries at a Glance” page.
  4. Environmental Protection AgencyWhether you’re concerned about your construction site’s impact on the environment because you love Mother Nature or you simply want to avoid environment-related penalties and fines, EPA.gov is the place to visit. We recommend starting on the construction sector’s dedicated page.

The above web sites may not be quick fixes—but they are useful tools in your toolbox that can help point to successful high-level decisions. Figuring out how they apply to your unique situation is up to you!