Workdays are busy, and the busier you are the more likely you are to forget something. This can range from small, seemingly insignificant things like forgetting to fix a typo in a report to missing an important meeting or even failing to hit a project deadline.

While it won’t make your workday any less busy, digital time tracking can help you (or your employees) keep better track of time and tasks to help you stop forgetting things. Here are four things you’re probably forgetting, if you don’t track your time digitally:

How Long You Worked

For anyone who’s ever used paper time cards, this one’s a no-brainer. Most time tracking is done after the fact, sometimes even after a week or month has passed. Employees have to rely on often less-than-perfect memories to recall how much time they spent on any particular project—leading to incorrect, and unhelpful, data.

For business owners, this can also lead to expensive overtime that could be prevented with powerful reports about how your employees spend their workdays.

How Long a Project Should Take

One of the most difficult aspects of pricing your services is making sure you’re getting a fair price for the labor you’re investing in the project.

Rarely will any two projects take the exact amount of time as each other, but you can often get a sense of how long similar projects should take by tracking time. But if you handle many different projects, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of which ones took how long. With an efficient time tracking system, you can have an answer in seconds.

Important Deadlines for Projects

It might seem strange that time tracking can help you remember something that hasn’t happened yet, but it’s true. Similar to helping remember how long a project takes, you can also use time tracking to make sure you’re hitting key benchmarks for successful projects.

If you find you’re falling behind on similar tasks, you’ll know you might need to bring in some extra help. But if you don’t remember how long a task should take you, you may not even know whether you’re falling behind or staying on track.

Important Details About a Project

Unless you have a flawless memory or take meticulous notes, odds are you won’t remember every single detail about a project – and for the most part you won’t need to. But it’s important to have a system in place to store important information about the projects you’re working on so that you don’t forget about it later on.

While there are any number of ways to keep track of this information, a good time tracking system has note-taking functionality built right in. This allows you to keep all the important data about a project in one place. Plus, you can share it with the rest of the team!

Has a lack of time tracking ever contributed to you forgetting something important? ExakTime can help prevent it from happening again. Our feature-rich time tracking software can help you collect and keep track of all the important information from your day-to-day tasks so you’ll always have access to the data you need.