Our wireless time attendance clock, JobClock Hornet, is an investment that keeps onWireless Time Clock giving. Here are just four of the reasons why:


Eliminates Paper Costs

Paper isn’t free. Depending on the number of employees you have and the length of your pay periods, simply reducing the amount of paper you use can save your business significant amounts of money in the long term.

JobClock Hornet collects, stores and exports all your time and attendance data digitally, eliminating the need for paper time sheets all together.

Not only does going paperless save you money on the cost of paper itself, it also eliminates the expenses associated with archiving and storing paper records.

Reduces Payroll Processing Time

Making out sloppy, handwritten time cards and then manually entering that data into your payroll package is time consuming and, by extension, costly.

JobClock Hornet sends time and attendance data to the office and into our time attendance software, TimeSummit, every hour automatically, eliminating the need for someone to travel to multiple job sites collecting time cards.

Then our AccountLinx software allows you to export that data into your payroll package, completely eliminating the lengthy and error-prone process of manual data entry.

Eliminates Time Theft

Most employees are honest, but even a few dishonest ones can quickly become a costly problem.

Pen and paper time cards make dishonest practices like buddy punching and hour inflation easy to engage in and nearly impossible to detect. These issues are further compounded in industries like construction because your workforce is spread out over a number of different work sites.

JobClock eliminates the ability to game the system by recording when employees clock in and out with down to the minute accuracy. This data is then sent onto TimeSummit automatically, where it can be easily retrieved, analyzed and verified by your bookkeeper.
Makes The Bidding Process More Accurate And Efficient
One of Hornet’s most useful features is that it allows you to track an unlimited number of cost codes using our FastTrakkers.
Once you’ve set up your desired cost codes, the data you collect is conveniently displayed in one of the over 40 specialized reports generated by TimeSummit for quick and easy retrieval and analysis.
Tracking cost codes gives you a clearer picture of where your time and money is being spent, helping you identify and iron out inefficiencies.
It also speeds up and improves the accuracy of the crucial bidding process. By learning how much time and money specific jobs like “drywalling” cost, you’ll be able to offer more competitive, accurate bids to potential clients.
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