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6 strange things found on work sites

Amy Bourne |

We recently blogged about the mother lode of Roman coins that was uncovered at a construction site in Southern Spain.

Well, we decided to ‘dig’ a bit deeper and unearth some of the big finds that were made in the last year or so at construction sites.

The following are probably the weirdest and most remarkable (from youngest to oldest):

  1. A time capsule from 1957 that designates it shouldn’t be opened for 1,000 years.
  2. A little boy’s letter to Santa which has been stuck in an English chimney since 1943.
  3. A Revolution-era ship and a three-seater privy (i.e. outhouse).
  4. A 700-year-old mummy wearing shoes and a ring.
  5. 10,000-year-old stone tools used by prehistoric inhabitants near Seattle.
  6. Road workers in China found 43 fossilized dinosaur eggs.

Check out the details on some of these things and enjoy!

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Amy Bourne is the marketing copywriter for ExakTime. She enjoys learning about the real challenges faced in the construction-related field, and providing content that helps business owners work smarter.


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