Over the last decade, we’ve all heard it many times: “there’s an app for that”. Within the construction industry, this definitely holds true—now more than ever. In fact, there are so many apps for construction out there that we decided to sort through them and pick out 8 of the best just for you.

Please note: there is no order to this list, nor do we guarantee or endorse any of these apps for your usage (and they may not all be available on your phone or tablet’s operating system).

1. Planimeter

This app allows you to measure any distance or land area on a map through the magic of satellite imagery. Simply drop pins around the area you’d like to measure and Planimeter will calculate it for you in the unit of your choice.

2. Crane & Rigger

Sick of dealing with paper capacity charts for your cranes? Crane & Rigger gives you access to all the capacity charts you need for your rigging items right on your mobile device. The subscriptions you have access to include Crane Data, Crane Capacity Calculator, Steel Pipe Calculator, and much more.

3. MyRadar Weather Radar

Stay one step ahead of the storm with the best weather radar app out there. Provides an up-to-the-minute, high-definition radar so you can act quickly and keep your crew and job sites safe and secure.

4. PlanGrid

PlanGrid is one of the most useful on-site construction apps we’ve come across. It is the self-proclaimed fastest blueprint viewer, and offers tons of tools like progress photos and secure cloud storage.

5. Pervidi / iSafe Inspections

Ensure your business is compliant with industry safety standards with Pervidi / iSafe Inspections. This app allows you to create custom checklists for inspections or choose from standardized lists.

6. Construction Master Pro

This calculator app can solve an endless amount of headache-inducing construction math problems and comes in at around $60—cheaper than its physical counterpart.

7. Construction Simulator 2014

What’s life if you can’t have a little fun? This app isn’t an “essential”, but there is a ton of evidence that shows video games tend to have a positive, refreshing effect on the mind. Next time you take a break, fire up Construction Simulator 2014 and have a blast building the virtual city of your dreams.

8. ExakTime Mobile

You had to see it coming. There is no way we could compile a list like this and leave off our own awesome app. ExakTime Mobile is a powerful and convenient way to manage your mobile workforce and will make you wonder how you ever got along without it.