Extravagant? Yes. For everyone? No. But something you really might love… maybe.

Let me ask you, how big of a coffee drinker are you? Because morning Joes and Janes who can’t function without a hot cup of fresh brew, will rejoice at the latest temperature regulating mug.

The newest product from Ember, the ceramic mug, might be the very thing that saves your AM routine, and your mood, from souring. Developed by serial entrepreneur and temperature conscious advocate, Clay Alexander, what started as an eggs-tremely curious quagmire of why his eggs got cold before he could dig into them, his forking curiosity led him to tinker and design beverage holders that keep coffee at the perfect drinking temperature.

And this is something I think the trades can get behind. There are two things to consider here: coffee fuels you and you are on the go all day.

Let’s talk convenience.

A typical AM might consist of grabbing a quick cup of coffee in the trailer, setting it on your desk, and then just as quickly being interrupted by your crew. You step out onto the site, leaving your fresh brew on your desk, only to return to have to either gulp down a now ice cold brew or chuck it onto the patch of dirt outside your trailer door and brew a new pot all over again.

This is where Ember’s magic makes your day. Imagine pouring a fresh, hot cup of morning goodness and no matter how many times your crew pulls you away, that cup of coffee sits at the perfect drinking temperature (no cooling, no burning), just waiting for you to get back.

Not too hot, not too cold.

How many times have you experience scalding hot coffee, forcing you to set it aside for a good half hour to let it cool off? Despite concern for scorching your tongue, according to researchers, the perfect coffee drinking temperature is 136 degrees (yes, they test these things) . Which means that your mug or insulated thermos might be sitting there a while to cool off. Not cool for a caffeine junkie who needs their fix.

If 136 degrees is not to your liking Goldilocks, Ember has an accompanying app that allows you to set your perfect, personalized coffee (or alternative beverage) drinking temperature, and even alerts you when your drink of choice has reached that temperature.

We must admit, the price point is a deterrent for now, but like most technology, costs will lower once more competition hits the market and the technology advances. If you can’t wait, if you spend a lot of time drinking and thinking about coffee, and if you hate battling with temperature trial and tribulations, Ember’s a great choice. Your upfront investment is a bit of a sticker shock, but in the end, you’ll save yourself time, money, and possibly a skin graft.