We tend to focus on ExakTime’s usefulness to the construction industry, but the truth is that field service businesses also benefit from our products every day.

What is the field service industry?

Field service can include anything from cable or HVAC technicians to landscapers and postal workers. Nearly any employee operating away from their employer’s centralized location to service a spread-out customer base can be considered a field service worker.

How does ExakTime Mobile benefit field service managers?

While the construction and field service industries are very different in terms of the work done, the way their workforces need to be managed is quite similar. Management in both of these industries becomes much easier with a reliable mobile time tracking tool.

A simple rule to remember: if your employees are mobile, then your management tools should be, too. ExakTime Mobile’s field-tested features are right in line with the needs of the field services industry.

Whether you’ve got a team of HVAC technicians scattered out in the field or a crew of landscapers clocking in at a specific location, ExakTime Mobile’s Team View feature makes it extremely easy to keep track of who’s clocked in where using your phone’s GPS capabilities.

Field Notes, another important feature of ExakTime Mobile, gives your employees the ability to send updates and incident reports to the office via text, voice, and photos. FaceFront Biometrics gives you a clean and easy (and legal) way to ensure workers are not clocking in for each other.

Finally, if you have more than one person per job site, SiteHub (think of it as the home screen of ExakTime Mobile) provides a valuable “big picture” online job site view of what is going on across your business, site by site. It includes a live feed of activities, including clock-ins and clock-outs, Field Notes, an up-to-the-minute total of your current hourly labor cost, and even a weather forecast panel.

Once you’ve collected data through ExakTime Mobile, ExakTime’s desktop component TimeSummit comes into play. TimeSummit allows you to create powerful reports based on the data you’ve collected so you can make more informed decisions for your business. With ExakTime you can also export your time tracking data to whatever accounting software you use, for a simplified payroll process.

To sum it up, while ExakTime has had most of its success in the construction industry, it is more than just a viable solution to mobile time tracking in field service management. It is the solution that allows you the most options for regulating and keeping up with workers scattered in the field.