It can be difficult not knowing if the person at the job site was there when they said they were. Most businesses have one or two workers who are chronically late, or leave chronically early. Even if you have them clocking in with a non-biometric time clock app, they may have loaned their PIN to a good friend who is usually on time.

You can’t be at every job site at once, so you are forced to rely on the word of employees a week or two later…but can you really afford this?

This is when biometrics come in handy, particularly photo biometrics, which snaps a photo that shows you each employee in the context of the job site.

ExakTime offers FaceFront Biometrics as a feature of our powerful ExakTime Mobile time tracking app. When an employee clocks in or out on their smartphone or tablet, FaceFront snaps a photo and takes a GPS time stamp that will be attached to their time punch and stored in TimeSummit for review at your convenience. Now you have visual proof that the right person was at the correct work site when they were supposed to be.

Another great thing about photo biometrics: they don’t require fingerprints, which some feel violates workers’ privacy, and which are difficult to collect from dirty hands after a long day on a rough job site.