It’s tough running a construction or landscaping business when your workers are spread out at two, five or ten job sites.

When you are relying on paper timekeeping and occasional phone check-ins with supervisors, you don’t know for sure who is on the job site in the morning. Or the afternoon. Or on Monday.

When you want to confirm that Bill worked last Wednesday, no one remembers for sure—maybe not even Bill.

You probably also don’t know how long the trench-digging took in comparison to the trips to the nursery for plants and supplies, or the foundation laying versus the frame-building.

Time records every hour keep you in the loop.

Our JobClock Hornet is reliably rugged for the toughest job sites, with easy-to-use wireless functionality that puts paper time cards to shame and sends time records to the office, automatically, every hour.

Now you know who’s on site in the morning. You’re also updated throughout the day with the times your crew punched in, how long they took for lunch, and when they punched out at the end of the day.

When you’re trying to keep jobs on schedule, the Hornet helps you make sure tardiness or absences don’t get out of hand—and that they are reported.

If you need to know who worked Friday and when, or last Wednesday, or last month, it’s all stored on your computer in our time-tracking command central software, TimeSummit—for ample protection in case of future compliance disputes.

Hornet tracks cost codes, too.

It can be hard to keep track of which task took field-based workers a half-day and which took them a half-hour. Or maybe you rely on your supervisor’s estimates at the end of the day or week (which are rough, to say the least).

With the Hornet, you can stay on top of where time and money is going, and pay workers for the right job, with cost code tracking.

Hornet gives you the tools to monitor labor in real time, for better workforce management. To find out more, fill out a form and we’ll be in touch shortly.