Every time and attendance punch in or out with the JobClock, PocketClock or ClockPoint Connect is recorded 100% accurately in the TimeSummit tracking software back at the office. But when your payroll manager needs to export employee time and attendance records to your business’ accounting package, AccountLinx is the ideal product, and it continues to offer The ExakTime System benefits of saving time and money.

AccountLinx automatically enters the TimeSummit records into the accounting software of your choice with just the click of a button. Whether you use QuickBooks, AccuBuild, ISIS, Timberline or another of the more than 35 accounting services supported by The ExakTime System, AccountLinx quickly and easily transfers employee time and attendance records.

How AccountLinx Works

AccountLinx Exports Time and Attendance Records SafelyTo prove how AccountLinx is guaranteed to make your accounting and payroll department smile, here’s a simple rundown of how employee timecards and reports are exported to external accounting software (A video is also available, for the visual learner):

  1. Review and edit your employee time and attendance reports in TimeSummit.
  2. Pull up AccountLinx, and choose a payroll period/date range ready for transfer.
  3. Check the box next to the desired employee’s record, and click “Export.”
  4. Enjoy AccountLinx as it makes your job easier!

Soon the entire AccountLinx export process will take less time than it took you to read the above instructions. AccountLinx is flexible with many accounting systems’ formats and can also export cost code information if compatible with your software.

In a day and age where saving money is a top priority for businesses everywhere, the AccountLinx program replaces time consuming, manual labor with a 100% accurate automatic system.

While your employees on the job, on the road and in the office voice their approval of The ExakTime System, your accounting department will be more than grateful that compiling employee time and attendance tracking records is made easy with AccountLinx.

The entire ExakTime System aims to make employee time tracking more user-friendly, accurate and efficient. AccountLinx is just one of the many important parts of the process that achieves those goals every day.