In order to remain profitable in hard economic times, you must protect your income from any sort of wasteful spending – including your payroll expenses.

See below how ExakTime customer Ben Golde automated his time and attendance tracking and kept his business afloat.

A time tracking success story

This was the situation that Ben Golde, the owner and founder of Classic Quality Painting from Charleston, South Carolina, found himself in.

His payroll costs were out of control because of the old fashioned, inaccurate time keeping method he was using: Handwritten, paper time cards.

His business was going under until he listened to some smart advice from his wife and started using the ExakTime mobile time tracking system. ExakTime’s mobile time tracking software instantly started to save his company thousands of dollars every pay period.

No more overpaying for labor. And no more arguing with his workers when he had to change their time sheets.

For Ben Golde, ExakTime was the perfect solution to save his business from expensive errors in payroll. By using the JobClock mobile time tracking system, he was able to decrease the payroll for his 15-person company from $7,000 a month to around $5,000.

The Exaktime system paid for itself quickly, protected Ben’s profits from inaccurate time reporting and now he doesn’t have to argue with his workers over their inaccurate time sheets anymore.

Making sure that your payroll system is 100% accurate with ExakTime’s JobClock system is a terrific way to safeguard your business from time theft at the workplace.