How ExakTime Works

Accurately and efficiently track mobile work crews with JobClock Hornet and TimeSummit

Remote time tracking has never been more accurate or more efficient than with JobClock Hornet and TimeSummit.


JobClock Hornet

This wireless time clock sends digital time records, every hour, directly to your office automatically. It’s easy to use and takes a simple touch for your employees to clock in and out.

They just touch a green Keytab to the center of the clock to punch in and a red Keytab to punch out. It’s the perfect time clock for construction workers since you can track up to 1,000 cost codes and other work-site data using our FastTrakker device.


TimeSummitThis time and attendance software stores your time records and generates digital reports that help you manage your workforce.

It allows you to manage time records and job-site data, understand labor trends and work patterns, eliminate payroll errors, get time records you can read and trust and gives you more time for other office tasks.

Accurate and Efficient Dynamic Duo

You won’t have to deal with paperwork or sloppy handwriting or waste hours manually processing paper time cards. With JobClock Hornet and TimeSummit, you can reduce payroll processing time, eliminate double data entry and guarantee your records are safe, accurate and on time.

It’s the easiest way for contractors to manage their time and attendance data like employees, job sites, equipment and cost codes, materials, budgets, audits and more.

Now you’ll know exactly how much you’re spending and exactly what you’re spending it on for every job site, saving your bookkeepers time and your business money. And, TimeSummit stores all of your records digitally, in one place, so you can access the data at any time.

Our Geofence feature allows you to set custom GPS areas where your employees can clock in and out. Custom reporting notifies you when an employee clocks in or out at the wrong site, allowing you to take action quickly and rectify the issue before it expands into an even larger one.