Greetings Readers,

Exciting things have been in the works here at ExakTime, and we’re very pleased to introduce some powerful new features in TimeSummit.

Security Center

Possibly the most important new feature in TimeSummit is the built-in Security Center.

Administrators can now allow employees to log into TimeSummit, and more importantly, select the features they want the employees to use.

Have an employee who needs to add locations, but shouldn’t get to see employee records? Easy to do!

Want your accountant to be able to use your computer to view reports, but not add new employees? Nothin’ to it!

Project Management

Another new, powerful feature of TimeSummit is Project Management.

This allows users in the field to track material usage and link that information to a specific project, or even a specific phase of a project.

Supervisors can also provide estimates regarding job completion from their Android phones using the ExakTime Mobile application.


For employees using ExakTime Mobile for Android or iOS, TimeSummit can limit the cost codes available at each location, so that your employees only see the cost codes relevant to their current location.

Audit Reports

Because TimeSummit tracks users with its new Security Center, it can now report on which user edited records.

This means that TimeSummit can display a list of all records that have been changed, sorted by who made the changes, or whose records were changed.

We’re all very excited about this expansion to our software, and we hope that you are too!

Until next month,

Stu, signing off!