When tracking their time digitally on their smartphones or tablets, workers want to be able to monitor the number of hours they’ve worked. This includes the overtime they’ve logged, days they’ve taken off, and more. Digital time tracking enables this kind of real-time transparency and lets them know what to expect on their next paycheck—and answers any other questions along the way.

You can now let employees view their time cards as the week progresses within our app thanks to our newest feature: Time Card on Mobile. With this exciting new update, ExakTime Mobile users will soon be able to track how many hours they’ve recorded in a particular week, in real-time, for themselves without needing a login to ExakTime Connect (our time tracking software), or having to ask a supervisor.

Time Card on Mobile is free to all ExakTime users.

Our Time Card on Mobile feature gives users the chance to view total, Regular, Overtime 1 and Overtime 2 hours for the week in addition to daily totals.

The update is also optimized to fit a wide variety of smartphone screens and provides users with a seamless, user-friendly interface they can easily navigate through.

What’s the benefit?

For employees, the benefit of being able to track your progress in real-time speaks for itself. By having the ability to stay informed on your hours on the go, you know how much you’re working each day and how many hours you’ve put in each week, instead of being in the dark until pay time.

For supervisors, this feature enables you to closely monitor your crew’s time and availability, allowing you to staff projects and manage your workforce easier than ever before. Plus, users wondering how long they worked yesterday or last week can check for themselves, saving their supervisors’ precious time.

What about the cost?

Time Card on Mobile is free to all ExakTime Connect users, so you’ll be able to enjoy all the advantages this feature has to offer without paying a penny more than you already are.

When will it be available?

Time Card on Mobile will be rolling out to all customers in February 2019, so keep your eyes peeled for the ExakTime Mobile app update. If you have the app version 2.54 or higher, then you will see a display notifying you of the new feature once you’re phased in.

Administrators and Supervisors will automatically have access to the new Time Card on Mobile feature, and can enable the feature for their employees’ devices.

Here at ExakTime, Time Card on Mobile marks an exciting time for our customers and company. By showing employees that they’re still in control of their own hours and their paycheck, we believe all the workplaces that rely on our products will benefit.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months!