We watched this TED talk on scout versus soldier mindset and it got us thinking (yes, sometimes we think—and no, it’s not dangerous). How does this apply to running a successful business?

What are the beliefs we hold as a business that we should loosen our grip on? How can we be more curious about what our customers want…what would help them most…what they need from us?

And what are the beliefs you are holding onto too tightly? Are you considered “old-fashioned”? In general, do you “soldier onward” with your fixed opinions or see mistakes and misconceptions as the opportunities that they are to improve and be better?

As an example, do you keep using paper time cards to track your workforce because it’s what’s always been done? Is it possible there could be a newer, better system that—if you were open to it—might change your business (and your world)?

Just thoughts. You know what our opinion is. 😉