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Often, landscapers find it difficult to track their crews. But why?

Usually, their workers are remote and don’t have easy access to a time clock. So commonly, at the end of each workweek, they’ll handwrite their hours down on paper time cards for 5 days, 40 hours per week – a vastly inaccurate guesstimate.

ExakTime provides landscaping’s #1 attendance software. And the best part is, it runs right on the Smartphones workers are already using!

Attendance software for your Smartphone

PocketClock/GPS is a mobile time tracking app that runs on iPhone and Android Smartphones workers are already bringing out to the work site.

This mobile attendance software tracks workers, crews, job activities, locations and equipment. And better yet, a supervisor can track an entire crew from one device.

Clocking into this attendance software takes just seconds.

Workers simply login with their unique PIN number and tap green to clock in or red to clock out.

Then, they choose their location and job activity – that’s it!

And with the power of 24 global positioning satellites working with your Smartphone, PocketClock/GPS attendance software finds the exact locations of your workers in the field and notifies you in reports if your workers are not where they should be.

Industry-leading features

PocketClock/GPS attendance software eliminates buddy punching with its FaceFront Biometrics photo identity feature. It allows companies to track equipment time and usage. And it even includes special management tools for superivisors in the field.

With all of these easy-to-use tools available for your Smartphone, there’s no reason landscapers should lose anymore money in payroll expenses.

To learn more about PocketClock/GPS attendance software, visit www.exaktime.com/contact.