Historically speaking, school transportation employees have had to record their time and attendance on paper time cards. This practice is significantly dated, tedious, and while it has been the norm for some time, it has continually been proven to be a flawed system, as:

Handwritten time cards leave room for accidental and sometimes purposeful human error

Their illegibility adds unnecessary time on to your bookkeeper’s weekly tasks

The paper is an added, wasteful cost

An automated attendance tracking software solves all of these issues.

Eliminate deficiencies in your payroll with ExakTime’s attendance tracking software

With this costly deficiency in mind, ExakTime’s portable time clocks and attendance tracking software can quickly help school districts start saving thousands on payroll.

All that is needed is the portable JobClock, fixed to a school bus, where drivers track their time and attendance. These fixed, portable time clocks then store all of the data, and 100% accurate, digital time records are sent to your payroll accounting for processing.

Based on those facts alone, it’s easy to see why ExakTime’s time and attendance systems along with their attendance tracking software, TimeSummit, would be a great investment for school districts that are having trouble keeping tabs on their bus drivers.

JobClock and TimeSummit have been proven to eliminate:

  • The need for bus drivers to fill out time cards
  • Overtime pay for hours that weren’t actually worked
  • Extra hours spent on spent on payroll processing

Attendance tracking at its finest

One school district even reported that with the aid of ExakTime’s products that their payroll processing went from taking 2.5 days to complete to a meager 4 hours. Those are the type of results that save time and money, but that also alleviate headaches that can arise from trying to decipher illegible handwriting.

It’s the automated attendance tracking software no school system should be without!

If you want to take some stress off of the person that does the payroll for your school district while also making sure that the time and attendance for your transportation services is recorded and reported accurately and efficiently, contact ExakTime today.