ExakTime provides a hassle-free way to track workers, locations, job activities and equipment with its easy-to-use payroll solutions. By automating time and attendance tracking from beginning to end, ExakTime makes managing your remote workforce simpler than ever.

Payroll solutions for any business

ExakTime’s wireless, mobile and rugged payroll solutions were originally designedfor construction and other outdoor, labor-intense industries like landscaping, electrical services and mining.

But now, ExakTime’s versatile payroll solutions can fit just about any business.

ExakTime is construction’s #1 time and attendance system because its solutions thrive in difficult, remote locations. It’s wireless time clock – JobClock Hornet – and mobile time tracking app – PocketClock/GPS – can track crews anywhere, any time.

And best of all, time records are wirelessly sent back to the office for review – no physical collection required.

But these payroll solutions also work great indoors.

Just attach a JobClock Hornet or iPad to a wall in your office, and employees can easily touch the clock to punch in or out.

All work is tracked in real-time, so time records are 100% accurate, down to the exact minute, and delivered to your bookkeepers without any hassle involved.

The ExakTime Systems provides easy payroll solutions to track your labor and potentially save your business thousands in payroll expenses.