How ExakTime Works

Automated time tracking: 3 money-saving traits

With 20% percent savings on all ExakTime time clocks in June, now is a great time to ditch the pen and paper and automate your time and attendance system. Need some more motivation? Here are three ways switching to an automated time and attendance system will your save your business money.

Eliminate Time Theft

If you’ve done your due diligence during the hiring process, then you’ve probably got a group of hardworking, honest employees you can be proud of. But, even with the most careful hiring process, a couple less than honest employees are bound to slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, even a few people taking advantage of your paper time and attendance system can become a huge money drain.

Our time clocks eliminate the loopholes that make buddy punching and hour inflation so easy with pen and paper time tracking. Records are stored digitally and can only be altered by those with authorization to do so.

Most of all, our time clocks are accurate down to second. With JobClock Hornet, workers clock in with their assigned KeyTab or FastTrakker and the records are then pushed to the office digitally every hour.

Reduce Payroll Processing Time

Just ask your bookkeeper, payroll processing with a pen and paper can be a time consuming headache. First, you need to decipher the data-no easy task with sloppy, handwritten time records. Then that data needs to be manually entered into your payroll processing software- a lengthy process that can also result in honest mistakes.

The ExakTime system makes payroll processing more efficient and accurate by automating it. Records collected by JobClock Hornet are automatically pushed to our TimeSummit software in your office, eliminating the need for time consuming and costly trips to and from the office to multiple job sites to collect time records.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The ExakTime system also eliminates manual data entry. Our AccountLinx Plus software make setting up your new ExakTime system easy.

AccountLinx Plus allows you to export your employees, job activities and job locations from your payroll package into TimeSummit in mere seconds. AccountLinx works in the opposite direction, allowing you to easily and digitally push the time records stored into TimeSummit into you payroll package. No more manual data entry.

No More Paper

Paper costs money. Automating your time and attendance system eliminates the need for paper time cards. It’s that simple. Not only will you save money on paper costs, you’ll also reduce your environmental impact in the process.

With 20% savings on our system in June, now is as good a time to think about automating your time tracking and payroll processing with ExakTime. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to explain your options!